I run because I can.

I run with the sound of waves crashing below me or where the wind whistles across the bleak moors. I run through woodlands and alongside creeks, listening for the cries of curlews or the screech of a buzzard.

I run to feel alive and free, to just be.

I run trail races to be with others. I run with a club to be part of a team. I run at a track to go faster and long distances to be alone.

I run to find a challenge, to push myself to achieve it, to find my limits.

I run to keep myself sane.

Well, when I’m not injured that is. So no races listed for 2013, nothing to cross off or daydream about, nothing to plan or train for this year. But I live in hope! I hope that the achilles tendonitis will eventually heal and I’ll be back on the trails regularly again in 2014…

More coming to this page soon! Thanks for your patience ๐Ÿ™‚

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