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Red and white patchwork quilt. © Stephanie Boon, 2013
Kim’s quilt

Making things by hand, particularly stitching, is a kind of meditative act for me and it’s something I do pretty much on a daily basis. I’ve come to realise that the process is what it’s all about and that finishing a large project like the quilt in the picture can be hard – I really don’t like goodbyes!

I finished this quilt for my son in 2013 after four year’s work, on and off – I think he was pleased to finally get hold of it 😉 As much as it troubled me to call a stop to the quilting it gives me overwhelming pleasure to see him wrapped up in it: I’ve made him something useful that hopefully he’ll love and will keep him warm for years to come.

I like to work on a project from start to finish, from the original design to the last stitch. I find it really fulfilling that way, a complete creative experience. I realise not everyone does though and that some people prefer to work from patterns, so recently I took tentative steps to start designing my own for others to use.  There are a few to download for free on my Craftsy page.

There are quite a few archive posts here about the things I’ve made, which you can find by using the ‘search by category’ box on the right, but sadly most of them have the images missing now. All is not completely lost though because in 2012 I started a dedicated craft blog called Dawn Chorus Studio. If you fancy heading over there you’ll find out what I’m up to with the sewing needle these days, and tutorials and patterns too. Most of the craft things I write about will be posted there now, so if you like a bit of patchwork and quilting head on over to the studio and say hello!

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