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I’m Stephie, aka Stephanie Boon. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my personal journal, the place where I write about the stuff I think and do, but especially about running, biking, walking and some of my creative practice based here in the heart of Cornwall in the UK.

I’ve been scribbling here since 2006, but I still find an ‘about’ page difficult to write… I wonder what you’d like to know?! Where shall I start?

A cv? Boring! Mine’s just full of fine art qualifications anyway (I have a BA Hons and an MA in Fine Art, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (post 16’s – anyone teaching kids is mad, surely!)).

Maybe you’d like a quirky list of  likes and dislikes? I could write one of those, but they’ll probably change by morning!

And how do I get the balance right between describing myself as a hyperactive-can-never-sit-still sort of person, to the chronic depressive with no motivation that often lurks about these pages?  I find myself hard to pin down! (I can think of plenty of innuendos to insert here, thanks!)

Perhaps the best way to find out more would be to have a look at some of my favourite posts from the archive instead; they’ll tell you more about me than I think an about page could. And hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them too.

  • Autumn Skies – mtb riding at sunset from 2013
  • Take the Familiar – Walking a familiar daytime coastal route at night (with route map), 2013
  • Every Grain of Sand – urges to make art and a walk to the beach, 2013
  • Long Walks = Time on Feet – a couple of Cornish coastal walks in 2012
  • Running to the Max – trail running report from 2011
  • I said fuck – a bit of a rant from 2010
  • Torso – a favourite self-portait photograph from 2007
  • The butcher of Carharrack – character observations. And an invitation to go on a date… 2011
  • Seriously, I’m over the edge – it’s hard to read this without wanting to ‘improve’ it as a piece of writing, but it was written in the moment, from the heart and is an insight into how depression affects me. from 2010
  • Internal monologues for the out of kilter – a brief book recommendation of Sebastian Faulks’ ‘Engleby’ and a walk to the pub. 2008
  • Rewrite – Hedonism or a quest? How would you rewrite your life? Creative writing from 2007
  • Under The Blossom Trees – just 300 words filled with nostalgia for a childhood memory 2007
  • The sound of my own voice – I include this post just because it’s where the title for the blog came from! And as the title suggests, it does include the slightly scary sound of my own voice! 2007

If you’d like to see some of my recent recent textile craft (and some of my art) check out my other, more focussed blog Dawn Chorus Studio It’s pretty obvious what that one’s about 😀


Hope you’ll stay here a while longer though.

Stephie x


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